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Monday, April 25, 2011

Stamp design ideas needed

Good morning everyone....!!!!
Hope you all enjoying/are enjoying your Easter weekend.
Too much chocolate here in this household. LOL.

Today I am 'needing' stamp design ideas. So we need to know
what type of stamps you are looking for - more boy stamps,
more goth stamps, princesses etc etc. Any idea is a good idea. Please
just comment on this post and we can start working from there.

Enjoy the rest of your time off.

3 Comentários:

Bettina said...

oh, i do love it cute, like the forest elf. so ill say cute fairies. but goth girls can be cool too. maybe some scenes for the fairies?
its so hard. i love the cute animals too, like the unicorn.
i dont now if this was much of an answer?
happy easter to you all!

Fiona Powell said...

The Manga/Goth style stamps are great (I just love Little Red Rising Hood). I haven't found anywhere else that has them, so more would be great!

I agree with Bettina in relation to backgrounds, the selection around for those are pretty limited.

I appreciate the time has now past for the present, but what about some military style stamps. For example, a cute boy or dog dressed as a Digger or 19th century sailor. They would be great for male cards, both young and old.

alethea said...

I would love to see more boy stamps or stamps for men!!! My boys are 4 and 6 and love super heroes, dinosaurs, dragons etc!! So anything in those categories and not sure of idea of stamps for men but I'll leave that with you..LOL!! Hope you had a fab Easter!! Hugs xx