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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preview Day 1 - Dark Fairy

Good morning my sweet Spesch lovers. Hope we are all well. It is the Easter school holidays here in Australia and my kids (for once) have been good as gold and so has the weather. Can't complain about 26 degree days in Autumn.

This morning we have Day 1 of our 'Max' previews. Today we have the 'Dark Fairy'. The brief to Max was to have a fairy that ain't quite so happy. Perfect as always - glad to see that Max actually loves my ideas and he brings them to life. From tomorrow we will have the 'Wizard of Oz' stamps previews and then our release (as normal) will be on the 8th. Have a great day and see you tomorrow.


3 Comentários:

Rachael said...

Love this new design! Just gorgeous....

Creepy Glowbugg said...

I am lovin' that "crazy eye"!!

Lau W said...

Oh so nice creations ! Love this image !