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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Autumn Girl name comp

Just thought I would show this gorgeous girl again. This card was made by Fran. This card is so much better IRL - I should know Fran sent it to me. The flower is actually purple but the photo makes it look pink. No matter. It is truly gorgeous.

Now some of you already know that I am undecided what to call this lady. If someone comes up with an appropriate name they will get her for free - so if you haven't tried to name her yet go ahead and have a go. I actually thought of a name yesterday but noone has come up with it as of yet. I will run this comp until the end of the week so Saturday arvo here in Australia - if you don't know what the time is here just look in the sidebar. There is a clock there showing you all what time it is here.

2 Comentários:

Clare said...

Hi Trace,
I'm going to suggest "Willow", because it is a deciduous tree and autumn makes me think of leaves falling from trees.
She is beautiful!
Clare x

kaylou said...

Hi Trace
you have some gorgeous images on here,I have been having a think about the name of this beauty, and my youngest says she looks like a Francesca,so I will go with that.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo