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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Lachlan

Good morning all. Hope we all had a great night. Never enough sleeping hours for me. I stay up late creating and then up early to the kids. Hahaha. My own fault though.

I would like to introduce Lachlan. He looks like my son when he was a baby so hence the same name. LOL. He is one of my own designs again today. Hope you like. He is now available in the Etsy Store.

Edit: Forgot to say that you could use this for a little girl too. All you would need to do it put him in pink and maybe draw a curly hair on top of the head with a bow or something.

I have a request of you all.
If there are any of the digital stamps on this blog that you would like made into Clear stamps please let me know. I am in the process of organizing it all and the ones that are the most popular will get the thumbs up. Bonnie will most definately be made in to one. If there are any others let me know.

2 Comentários:

Sue said...

He is soo cute, love what you have done with him Tracey, adorable!
Sue x

Kristy Young said...

Heeh he is soo cute! Gorgeous baby card. I would love Bonnie in rubber, and all the alice themed ones!! How awesome.
Kristy xx